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The Etching Process

Thinking about getting custom etching?  Great choice!  It makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves fishing.  Although, there are some things you need to know.  

Unlike other companies who laser etch their products we utilize a masking and bead blasting process to leave behind great looking text.  This process removes the top layer of paint and exposes the underlying white primer paint layer below it.  For this reason you should be mindful of the color lure you choose to have etched.  Lures with darker colors will have high contrast against the white lettering.  Lighter colored lures and those with a metallic finish will have a much more subtle look which is more desirable to some.  Often text will look watermarked or "ghosted" on.  You should also be aware that this process can delay shipping by as much as a couple of days.  That being said etched products still often ship same or next day.  If you are on a tight timeline and need to ensure a specific delivery date please let us know when you place your order.  Also note that custom etched products are non-returnable.